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5 years of experience on both sides of an investment process

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In medium and large-sized projects C&K Design + Build, in cooperation with OCULO, as one of the first companies in this part of Europe, offers the latest technology of remote control and comprehensive monitoring of the progress of works on the construction site (Virtual Construction Manager).

OCULO uses AI and machine learning to improve construction productivity. 


It utilizes 360 hard-hat cameras, state-of-the-art computer vision and artificial intelligence to give a single source of truth for onsite progress - essentially a “streetview” of your construction project, which means you can carry out inspections, spot issues and make decisions faster, even when miles away from site.   

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    WHAT IS OCULO?    

How will Oculo transform your projects?

  • Review your site virtually from anywhere, at anytime

  • Collaborate remotely to diagnose issues in real-time

  • Use virtual notes to flag areas for onsite attention

Improve collaboration

  • Complete virtual valuations so 100% of work accounted for

  • Access photo evidence & 360 context in case of disputes 

  • Save travel time & costs through remote site view

  Reduce costs and risks

  • Reduce time spent on on documentation & reporting

  • Spot issues before they cause delays

  • Accelerate decision-making with virtual site-meetings

Deliver on-time

  • Track progress without being onsite. Be able to see whether the work planned has been completed without the need for lengthy reports. Get your team working on more important things.

Track progress

  • Use side-by-side visuals to assess latest progress made, without having to decipher plans or schedules. Plus no more relying on memory or on photos saved on someone’s smart phone.

Then and now visuals

  • Have a permanent record of onsite progress that is shared by all parties and can be referred back to when needed. Be clear what work has already been done before change instructions are issued. 

Avoid disputes

  • The 360 view allows you to do a virtual site tour, where you can move from room to room and even zoom in 

  • Carry out valuations, inspect changes, review issues, conduct audits, add annotations and assign new tasks for those onsite

  • Ultimately, make faster decisions and take quicker actions,  to keep the project on budget and on schedule

Your site can be viewed online from anywhere



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