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15 years of experience on both sides of an investment process


Our Mission

We have a first hand experience in how difficult and stressful the process of designing and building a new business can be. Our goal is to make our customers' lives easier by managing the entire process for them. We take care of everything form conception to completion. Our teams main mission is to provide the highest quality of service every step of the way.

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We have over 15 years of experience in RETAIL as owners of mono-brand jewellery stores, under a world-known premium brand. Our experiences have led us to create a Build + Design company, where we strive to provide the best service for a reasonable price. 


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The experiences gained during the construction of our stores, although a headache at the time, allowed us to gain valuable skills in project management. They also gave us a chance to notice a gap in the market. Although there are plenty of construction and design companies, few of them offer both services, and those that do  are often beyond the financial reach of small and medium-sized companies. Having this knowledge inspired us to set up our own business, where we provide the highest level of service at a reasonable price.

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Fit out services

As general contractor we have experience in executing every aspect of a project including construction works. We work with a group of qualified and experienced people who can successfully carry out the construction of your new business.


As investors, we understand that minimising the downtime of your business during construction is crucial. This is why our team works efficiently and effectively to deliver a finished project on time, while maintaining the highest quality. Staying within set budget is equality important and we understand that. 

Wnętrze skepu Courir w Galerii Bałtyckiej podczas przebudowy realizowanej przez C&K Design + Build

Our approach

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We pay great attention to details and it is reflected in our work at every stage of project management. We treat all entrusted fit out projects as our own investments, making sure that every element is carried out with perfection, just as we would if it were our own store.

Our team is going to ensue that the end result does not only meet your expectations but that it exceeds them. Our experience gives us certainty that we can carry out your fit out project without exceeding the estimated time and cost of the investment. 

Project implemantaion

Designing  and implementing commercial and retail projects is a task that requires the expertise of qualified teams of professionals just like us. At C&K Design + Build we take over the burden of being responsible for every aspect of a fit out project from our customers. We are fully invested at every stage of a project. Depending on our customers' needs we can design, arrange and build the store or other commercial space. We can also assist investors, who wish to enter the shopping centre sector, in finding the right space for their business. As well as take part in commercial lease negotiations.

Having first hand experience in finding the right general contractor gives us complete understanding of how difficult that process is. Knowing that, we ensure that our customers will be satisfied with the end result. We take great pride in our professionalism and exceptional attention to detail and believe that well executed fit our projects and satisfied customers are the best proof of a job well done. 

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