General Contractor with 15 years of experience on both sides of an investment project



As general contractor we have experience in executing every aspect of a project including construction works. We work with a group of qualified and experienced people who can successfully carry out the construction of your new business.


We can handle everything form dismantling existing elements to assembling new furniture and everything in between.

Being retail business owners we understand that minimising the downtime of your business during construction is crucial. This is why our team works efficiently and effectively to deliver a finished project on time, while maintaining the highest quality. Staying within set budget is equality important and we understand that. 

We have exceptional attention to detail and our work reflects that. We approach our clients' projects as our own and it shows in our work. You can put your trust in us as our team will ensure that every element is executed to highest standards. 

Our experience gives us confidence that we can deliver your project on time and without exceeding the initial cost estimate.