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15 years of experience on both sides of an investment process

Our history goes back to 2007 when we opened our first mono-brand jewelry store under a world-known premium brand. In the following years we grew our company into a chain which now comprises of several stores across Poland.

Our history

As retail business owners, we always hoped that our construction company would understand the uniqueness of the retail market and our needs as investors. We hoped that they would pay attention to every detail and be able to plan ahead and foresee potential issues which could arise, so that the entire process would run smoothly. We also needed their services to be affordable and not out of reach for small and medium-sized companies, such as ours. Things didn't always go as we had hoped and we were sometimes left alone dealing with unforeseen issues. 


Our experiences


Our experiences with building our stores, although a headache at the time, have allowed us to gain a lot of practice in Project Management. They also gave us a chance to notice a gap in the market, although there are plenty of construction companies and design companies, there are not many who can do both. Certainly not ones whose pricing is not out of reach for small and medium-sized businesses. Having this knowledge has inspired us to build our own company, where we now provide the highest level of service for a reasonable price.

Our solution

What sets us apart?

We provide affordable services that are not out of reach for smaller businesses.

The experience of managing a chain of our stores gave us a unique understanding of challenges put before an investor during the process of building and opening new locations.

We understand our clients' needs as we've been in their shoes before.

The high complexity of projects for jewellery stores taught us exceptional attention to detail. We now apply this skill to our customers' investments.



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