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15 years of experience on both sides of an investment process



Having experience in both construction and design sets us apart from most of our competition. Our team of designers is able to transfer your vision of your new business onto a design, while also ensuring that plans can be executed in reality.


We design with passion and our projects reflect that. Each one is unique and tailored to our clients needs. For that we begin the process with a detailed consultation. This gives us an opportunity to learn about your vision. Your satisfaction is our main prerogative. To ensure that you are happy with the outcome our designers will run their ideas by you and have you involved every step of the way.

We have experience as retail business owners and this means we understand that staying within the set budget is just as important as having an impressive and eye-catching space design. Our design team will work with your best interest in mind, making sure that bringing their vision to life will not exceed your budget. They will work to find solutions to ensure that the overall cost of the project stays stays within the limit.


Our team will remain involved during the entire project ensuring your vision is preserved down to the smallest detail.

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