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General Contractor with 15 years of experience on both sides of an investment project



As skilled Project Managers we will oversee the entire process for you. At the onset of the project our delegated Project Manager will draft a detailed plan, which will help ensure that everything runs smoothly and there is no downtime between subsequent stages of the project. From then on we will supervise the entire process. 

We strongly believe that communication and collaboration is key to a successful outcome, that is why we will work closely with all professionals involved in the project, making sure that everything stays on track, is completed on time and within set budget. 

Once the work begins your assigned Project Manager will be involved at every stage of the process, keeping you informed at all times. They will ensure that each element is executed to your exact specifications. Should any problems arise they will find a way to resolve them.


Everything from construction work down to the installation of your IT system will be overseen by our Project Manager. We will be on-site on the opening day and in the days leading up to it. This extraordinary code of conduct is what guarantees a perfect result.


What sets us apart from our competition is our exceptional attention to detail, which ensures that your project will be executed to the highest standards. 


Our team can communicate in several languages including English, Polish and Spanish this gives us the ability to handle projects in Poland, Spain as well as other European countries.




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